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Game Day Talk | Oilers v. Wild | 7 February 2019

馃晼 TIME: 6:00 MT

馃寪 VENUE: Xcel Energy Center, Minneapolis MN

馃摗 TV: SNW

This is a thread for general discussion about today's game. Any and all observations, opinions, questions, shitposts, memes, and other random nonsense are welcome.

To encourage ongoing discussion, this thread is organized by new.

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level 1
93 NUGENT-HOPKINS8 points13 days ago

so the trick is the coach takes a puck to the head?

level 2
27 LUCIC1 point13 days ago

Whatever it takes

level 1
5 GRAVEL3 points13 days ago

8th seed here we come!

level 1
33 TALBOT2 points13 days ago


level 1
8 points13 days ago

We should really put Rieder out there for the empty nets, just out of mercy.

level 1

We did it boys!

level 1
13 points13 days ago

Kassian: Empty Net? No prob. Top corner!

level 1
29 DRAISAITL9 points13 days ago

Cam, I don't want you to leave

level 1
27 LUCIC3 points13 days ago

Gentlemen, we got em

level 1

Damn, I wanted a Rattie hat trick. I'd much rather see hats thrown on the ice than jerseys...

level 2
2 points13 days ago

I think Rattie only had 1?

level 3
77 KLEFBOM2 points13 days ago

Damn near 2 with the breakaway, and then possibly an empty netter

level 3

Correct. He almost had a second one there, but was shut down.

level 1
77 KLEFBOM2 points13 days ago

Come on Goalbuster keep us in it... 馃馃徏

level 1
77 KLEFBOM8 points13 days ago

Jujhar is a hell of a player

level 2
44 KASSIAN6 points13 days ago

Between him and 44 that line is playing some real nice keep away

level 1
93 NUGENT-HOPKINS9 points13 days ago

khairas having a really strong game, love him and kass on the cycle

level 2
19 KOSKINEN7 points13 days ago

Yeah I think JJ and Kass is a fantastic pair

level 1
19 KOSKINEN2 points13 days ago

Remember the Wild rivalry we had in 鈥09?

level 1
5 points13 days ago

lol did anyone else see kass wink and blow em a kiss?

level 1
44 KASSIAN5 points13 days agoedited 13 days ago

I smell a fight coming

Edit: I no longer smell a fight coming.

level 1
44 KASSIAN7 points13 days agoedited 13 days ago

Good job Kass! Probably a Luddite mentality from me, but they take a run at Russell, we take one back at Parise

level 1
5 GRAVEL3 points13 days ago

I fucking love Kassian

level 1
77 KLEFBOM2 points13 days ago

Draisaitl passed McDavid in goals above 30, never thought we鈥檇 see this day

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