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Posted byu/[deleted]3 years ago

Best trading/smuggling for Empire?

I'm looking for missions, not buying and selling. any advice? as to where to be in the empire for good hauling bulletin board missions?

EDIT: I'm seeing that Fehu comes recommended, is that a trap? It's kinda in bumf*ck nowhere.

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I think Fehu is just like Robigo so it's not a trap.

If you want a lot of cash and a lot of empire rank progression there is a better way than smuggling though...

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1 point · 3 years ago

I can't fight. xD But what does 'just like robigo mean'?

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George Shepard (Shape Shifted Thargoid)
1 point · 3 years ago

shhhhhhhh you little telltale bast__d.

Nobody likes snitches....

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I'm just telling what I've read on this subreddit though ._.

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Robigo is a station way outside of the populated "main bubble" of the universe. There you can pick up missions that yield multiple millions of salary for smuggling some stuff back into the main bubble. So thats hundreds of light years of smuggling but it's worth it.

The only downside is: Most of the missions fail on being scanned, and someone will try to interdict/scan you almost after every single jump you make.

As far as I know Fehu is just like Robigo.

But if you want to gain money/ranks fast I recommend the base assault in the cubeo system. It's fast, easy and yields a shit ton of money and rank progression (for the empire).

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1 point · 3 years ago

Base assault? Is that shooty? I'm not so good at the shooty.

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It's not a hard shooty, it's more of an easy duck hunt.

So this is a short guide from the top of my head, so some names might not be entirely correct:

Fly to the System "cubeo". There is one single planet that has bases you can land on. Land at a base called "Roskam Enterprise" or something like that...well the name ends with Enterprise for sure.

Go to the bulletin board and pick up all missions of the following type:

  1. Kill X defensive drones (goliath, sentrys)

  2. Kill an anti air turret

  3. Scan/Hack the communication tower

Now the cool thing is, ALL of these missions must be done at the very very next neighbour base on the same planet! So just a few seconds away!

Now when you picked up all of these missions, log out and relog. (Go From open play to solo play, visit the bulletin board and accept missions, then from solo play to open play, repeat).

Every time you log from open play into solo play the bulletin board refreshes missions. You can even go ahead and pay the donation missions to gain ranks faster (you will have enough money).

So after relogging a few times you have like 10 missions of each type.

Equip a dumbfire rocket launcher (makes this way easier) and fly to the neighbour base. Shoot the big anti air turrets first (or just the power generator next to them to instantly disable them) -> Boom you now finished 1 million worth of missions.

Then kill the goliath and sentries next. These are small little defensive drones. After killing those -> Boom another million.

Then kill all small turrets. This is because you need to land your ship next to the base. Deploy your vehicle, drive to the communication tower and hack it -> Boom another million.

Get back to your ship, fly back to the roskam enterprise base and cash in all your missions.

When you've done this trip a few times and remember the base layout you can do it in less than 5 minutes to gain 3-4 millions.

The best part? Most of these missions are for the empire and you rank up extremely fast.

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1 point · 3 years ago

Deploy vehicle? Here's where I get called a peasant, but I'm on xbox. xD

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Sorry I have no Idea about the xbox version^

In the addon Horizons you can fit a vehicle hangar into your ship, and drive on a planets surface. Is this not possible on xbox?

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1 point · 3 years ago

It doesn't have Horizons yet. I'm gonna have to get it when it does come out. My group (3 of us) are gonna partner up in a ship. I, the lummox who can't fight, will pilot a Cutter, and they'll take out a pair of Imperial Eagles and I'll set the cutters turrets to fire at will, they'll fly around, and we'll sweep warzones. least that's their plan. I dunno how to do much of that but they're gonna show me.

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[Kuun-Lan] 【AKB☆E】 [Galactic Academy]
1 point · 3 years ago

People forget aditi

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