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1 month ago

Shitpost Saturday! - February, 23 2019

Welcome to this week's Shitpost Saturday!

Shitpost Saturday - a post for memes, bad photoshops, intentionally crazy conspiracy theories, all the MSPaint your heart desires, and whatever other shitpost-y things you can come up with--be creative! Just remember that this is NOT a trash talk thread.

This post will be weekly on Saturdays during the offseason, but remember that /r/NASCARShitposting, /r/NASCARCircleJerk, and /r/NASCARMemes are always available throughout the rest of the week.

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Chase Elliott
4 points · 1 month ago

I don’t like KB but M&M’s isn’t doing him any favors with those shit quality hats. You’d think they could come up with ANYTHING that looks better and fits better. I cant be the only one who’s bothered by how terrible his hats look.

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My thoughts on entertainment versus racing:

To me, motorsports is about taking a set of rules and making it work for you. While I’m not in favor of making racing a “show”, I find it fun when teams work hard to make sure it’s not. Either by loopholes or whatever.

Take F1: every time they try to take away downforce or make the cars easier to pass, the teams claw it back and then some come Australia.

I get that $$$ makes a sport, but I don’t want parity to such a degree that driver skill disappears in the name of entertainment.

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So how many cars is Stenhouse totalling tomorrow?

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level 1
0 points · 1 month ago

How does Brandon jones feel when all the focus is on his Gragson, Bell , Custer lol

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The new rules package is good and all the people who cry about every change are holding it back. People who cry every time a driver gets upset at another driver are also holding the sport back. We need more of that. NBA players being petty and shit talking on Twitter has driven constant media coverage and fan interest.

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1 point · 1 month ago

Not necessarily...this NBA fan is close to becoming a former NBA fan, simply from all the whiny NBA players. Seems like they spend more time begging their buddies to come hook up to form the latest/greatest superteam than they do actually playing basketball or trying to help their current team win. Not to mention going into full on "Woe is me" mode when the media calls them out on it. God I hope NASCAR never sinks all the way to that level.

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Ok you are close to becoming a “former fan” but business is BOOMING. You need to understand that your personal preference is not necessarily what appeals to a broad market.

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