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Official Discussion - The Wandering Earth [SPOILERS]


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When the human race discovers that the sun is dying out they band together to create giant planet thrusters to move Earth out of its orbit and to sail it to a new star system. However 17 years into the 2,500 year journey unexpected perils will require a few brave people held together by fate the band together to save the Earth and the human race from almost certain destruction.


Frant Gwo


screenplay by Gong Geer, Junce Ye, Yan Dongxu, Frant Gwo, Yang Zhixue

based on the short story by Cixin Liu


  • Qu Chuxiao as Liu Qi

  • Li Guangjie as Wang Lei

  • Ng Man-tat as Han Zi'ang

  • Zhao Jinmai as Han Duoduo

  • Wu Jing as Liu Peiqiang

  • Arkady Sharogradsky as Makarov

  • Mike Sui as Tim

  • Qu Jingjing as Zhou Qian

  • Zhang Yichi as Li Yiyi

  • Yang Haoyu as He Lianke

  • Li Hongchen as Zhang Xiaoqiang

  • Yang Yi as Yang Jie

  • Jiang Zhigang as Zhao Zhigang

  • Zhang Huan as Huang Ming

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Metacritic: ?

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level 1

I have a question about the dubbing. This was a Chinese film, right? So how come in the theater that I saw it in (San Diego, CA), even the Chinese dialogue seemed dubbed? The dialogue never seemed to match the lips of the actors, and I don't understand why.

level 2

Someone understand Chinese characters but cannot understand Mandarin. Or for deafs?

level 1

My assessment is it is Interstellar meets Geostorm. God the good and bad from both. -.-

level 1

How are people watching a Chinese movie

level 2

it's playing in select us theaters.

level 3

That sucks I live in the UK .

level 4

put it into google, maybe it's in uk too, don't know.

level 1

The visuals are stunning, but most of the movie is a huge exposition dump. The attempts at character development were cringe-worthy and most of the dialogue felt like it was written by a teenager who just watched a bunch of Sci-Fi movies for the first time.

"Prepare to engage soldier QHX-T2"

"This is our fate!"

"Let's follow the mission commander TXY-23"

"People will die"

Literally that same shit for 2 hours. Fuck, THE ROOM had better dialogue.

level 2

I feel like a lot of nuances were lost in translation. I felt the characters are very believable.

level 2
6 points · 1 day ago

sounds like the same style the author uses in his books. such decent ideas ruined by absolutely terrible writing

level 1

Saw the movie and felt it was OK story of a father risking entire human population for a kid. Some plots i missed or maybe need clarification:

  1. They say it will take couple thousand years (1300? to move then few hundred to "position" , then few hundred years to "melt the surface") to move earth. Will earth still have the resources to actually go that far? It is pretty obvious they are mining for materials - wont it all run out?

  2. The dad basically destroyed the space station (minus the hibernation pods).. I know it is not "essential" since it is more of a scout than anything, but dont earth loses its navigation? I guess they could build a new station but doubtful since earth has to stop moving and there's probably no "spare station" lying underground?

  3. Whatsup with the guns? I know the soldiers used the gun to break ice but it looked so out of place... lol

  4. Do they have advanced translators? i dont see any cybernetics on them?

level 2
2 points · 1 day ago

In the origin novel, there are rebellions against the wandering earth project. The government need armed soldiers to do the escort mission. So in this case the guns are needed.

There is some hint in the movie people protesting in the public declaring they want the sun back.

level 3

Gotcha. that makes sense.

level 2

It's fusion drive, so they just need a starter core, but the rest is just Rock fed, once fusion gets started, the material gets ejected for thrust, but that's the only part you need to feed, you don't need any more nuclear material to sustain fusion, only to start it..

Theoretically, you can also jumpstart fusion with just high power lasers.

Sacrificing the space station was for 3.5 billion people, the kids were mostly irrelevant, even if that is a heart tug plot for the pilot himself.

Can't wait for Chinese startrek, Startrek discovery is shi7, even Orville is more TREK than trek Discovery. GDI, I h8 discovery so much it hurts. Second season so far is as terrible and un-Trek-like as the first.

level 3
0 points · 1 day ago

But my point is wont earth run out of materials long then? We are sustaining lives, building tech and feeding the engines with rocks/whatever?

Also, i dont see it was for 3.5 billion people. Sure he mentioned it towards the end but he was looking for his kid the whole time. So its really a selfish act of saving own kid vs computer's projection.

Lets face it, the computer WAS CORRECT the whole time. He had to sacrifice possibly the embryos/data etc (i am not sure if those things are part of the outer rings of hibernation pods or still on the station when he chose to destroy it.) for a slight possibility of the boost working.

an UNBIASED action would've been follow the computer recommendation instead of gambling everything. I would think someone in the tech field be driven by numbers and logics and not emotions.

Of course one can argue where the space station can settle and if the space station will run out of fuel even before then (I think it gets restocks from earth?) since it was clearly trying to conserve resources so people had to go into hibernation...

level 4

As I understand, the goal of the space station is only to conserve the humain culture, DNA etc. People in the space station will also die soon after. There is definitely not enough food and oxygene for people in the space station to live 2000+ years. (Consider that there is no more earth, you should find another planet with oxygene water etc, instead of another solar system, this may be much longer than 2500 years as in the initial plan)

So that's way he said "a culture without humain is not a culture anymore".

level 4

There's no clear answer to this debate about kids vs 3.5 billion.

People will interpret it differently.

Your assumption hinges on the pilot's Selfishness exceeding his Logic

My interpretation is that Selfishness does not Conflict with Logic (In this case), because there's a high chance Everyone dies anyway due to collision of 2 planets. The ejected matter would probably destroy the guide ship as its flying away

level 5

The guide ship was getting away though that was why the computer went autopilot. The guide ship could've been damaged maybe but probability is higher though. Plus they said earth would be "disintegrated" going into jupiter but not collide so there might be less rubble from the collision.

I think he was selfish all along because the whole movie he's looking for his kid and trying to get him to safety vs thinking how to save earth. If he was in his "right mind" i think he wouldve thought of the idea his son thought about.

And i still cant get over having guns when delivering cores - so out of place.

level 2

I don’t think the answers you want exist. The engines are nuclear fusion so don’t know why they need a bunch of rocks. 1000 years in underground would definitely turn everyone crazy

level 3

You need to exchange mass into motion. All the reactors do is provide thrust via accelerating material which are just rocks.

level 3
1 point · 2 days ago


The “materials” they are mining and burning are-- rocks.This was explained in the original novel and the movie.

And yes, they have advanced translators,they are all wearing in-ear devices. If you listen carefully, you will notice in the space station scenes, the translators are working and you can hear the voices of the translators.

level 1

Can anyone confirm if the version released in Canada is an abridged version of the original? The first half hour felt like I was watching a movie, I loved the setting and the introduction of the brother sister duo, but the middle felt like a summary of the original movie? I barely knew who was who and what their role played, action sequences were rushed so quickly, characters would die and before you even realized who it was the movie has moved onto the next action sequence. Then suddenly it slowed down again for the last half hour to a normal speed.

I felt like this movie they originally filmed was probably really great, but the wrong person edited the scenes together before release.

level 2

it's the full movie, but when they made this film, they ran out of money because the (short sighted) investors "didn't get it" and pulled funding. Which led to a less than ideal finishing cut.

level 3

That’s only half true. They had a 2 and half hour cut, but in order to squeeze into the lunar new year schedule, they had to cut down the runtime. So my plot points and character development were cut.

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