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2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profiles37 posts
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2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profiles: Fiji

Welcome to the 2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profile series!

In these threads, we encourage in-depth discussion about the "fallen angels" throughout Survivor history, counting down from the most recent to the original. In this context, a fallen angel is the last player eliminated prior to Final Tribal Council.

What allowed these players to make it to the end game? What are the reasons they fell short? Were they legit threats or coattail riders? How close were they to winning? Who would they have won or lost against had they made it to Final Tribal Council? How was their gameplay, narrative, story, edit, competition, and former or later seasons (if applicable)? What's their Survivor legacy? Are they overrated or underrated as a player and a character? Will they ever return?

These threads are meant for in-depth discussion, not low-effort content. We encourage people to post their detailed thoughts after reflecting on these fallen angels and their paths through the game.

Today's topic: Survivor: Fiji fallen angel Yau-Man Chan.

  • Method of Elimination: Voted out at F4

  • Individual Immunities won: 2/6

  • Tribal Councils Attended: 10/15

  • Votes Against: 5

  • Correct Votes: 8/10

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level 1
55 points · 19 days ago

Like Cirie, Yau is one of the most beloved 4th/3rd place finishers ever. Definitely a top-tier losing game IMO.

level 1
Basic Parvati Stan
43 points · 19 days ago

Idol god 🐢

level 1
26 points · 19 days ago

I was having a good day until I was reminded of this

level 1
37 points · 19 days ago · edited 19 days ago

Yau-Man’s Fiji game was incredibly, incredibly impressive for the time. Some of the tricks that Yau-Man tried were extremely innovative and he ended up creating several future tactics that players would go on to employ (fake idol, anyone?). Personally, whilst he is a very strong player and one of the better fallen angels, I do think there were a few holes in his game, but regardless, I’m looking forward to analysing this one. Yau was incredibly fun to watch and played a very strong game.

Yau-Man started the game in tough circumstances, ending up on Ravu who were the Have-Nots tribe. Due to the fact that Ravu ended up losing every single pre-merge immunity, Yau had to blend in well, but he managed to do this admirably, by proving his worth around camp and in immunity challenges. Partly because of this and partly because of a close alliance with Michelle and Earl, Yau-Man comfortably survived the first four Ravu Tribal Councils, demonstrating an able social game along the way.

At the swap, Yau ended up getting a great draw, not only ending up on Moto, but joining them with Earl and Michelle. With Earl talking round Cassandra to Moto’s side, he likely would have been safe had they lost, but in the event, Moto won out in Immunity Challenges until the merge, meaning this was a non-issue. During this period, Yau-Man found the idol thanks to Earl’s help and planted a fake one in it’s place. Yau got another good draw in that terrible merge tribal twist, sticking with Earl and Cassandra. Unfortunately, Yau-Man and Earl never really considered throwing the challenge so that they could get rid of Edgardo and they unfortunately ended up losing Michelle as collateral in the Tribal Council that followed.

In the first proper merge vote, Yau-Man not only won immunity, but joined Earl and Cassandra in appointing Stacy and Boo into a long-term alliance. This wasn’t a bad alliance for Yau, especially as he was such a visible threat, but the move to bring Dreamz into the alliance likely put Yau-Man on outside of a F3 deal and Earl, for all he and Yau were a fun tag-team, probably was never planning on taking him to the end. Still, Earl and Yau’s alliance managed to successfully Pagong the Four Horseman.

Yau’s Final 6 car deal with Dreamz has been a controversial move in Survivor history. On the one hand, it shows that Yau recognised that he wasn’t in the best position in his alliance and tried to creatively get Dreamz to save him, but on the other hand, from a game standpoint, it cost him simply too much. Dreamz had every incentive to get rid of Yau before F4 and he tried his hardest, trying to blindside him at F6 (where Yau survived due to an idol play) and probably would have turned on him at F5 without Yau winning immunity. Even then, Dreamz ultimately going against the deal shows that though it was creative, it was always a risk. Dreamz had no obligation to keep the deal and it’s a great demonstration of why you should never give something up for a future promise.

Yau would have crushed most of his end-game opposition at FTC; he was a definite jury threat, without a doubt. I think he’d have comfortably beaten any of the Four Horseman and any of his end game alliance… except probably Earl. I know that the Reunion Show says Yau-Man would have won, but that was after everyone had watched Yau get a fan favourite edit. Plus, Earl was clearly the leader of his alliance and commanded a ton of respect from his allies. I personally believe Earl would have beaten him and this is probably Yau’s biggest mistake. He was willing to go the end with someone who probably would have beaten him, whilst Earl never wanted to go to the end with him, as seen by his critical vote at F4.

Overall, though, Yau-Man was a fantastic player and definitely played one of the best games never to win. It’s such a shame that we’ve only seen him once since this season, in an all-too brief cameo in Micronesia and I loved the game he played. But there were a couple of mistakes he made, from the Car Deal and from trusting Earl too much, that means I think he’s slightly below the Rob C's, Cirie’s and Malcolm’s of the world. He still played a great game, though.

level 2
2 points · 19 days ago

there were a couple of mistakes he made, from the Car Deal

Just curious, how was the Car Deal a mistake? It obviously didn't help him, but I don't think it hurt him either. Certainly hurt Dre though...

level 3
4 points · 19 days ago

It hurt him because Dreamz went after him hardcore in the next two votes when he wouldn’t have done otherwise (so Dreamz wouldn’t have to fulfill the F4 obligation). Obviously Yau only survived to that point because of immunity (idol at F6 and necklace at F5) when he would have likely been safe otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong - his idea was wonderfully innovative and a neat idea to try and prevent his precarious F4 situation. But, ultimately it didn’t do him any good as Dreamz didn’t even give up immunity at F4, so he essentially made the deal without getting anything in return.

It’s a fine example of how you should never make a deal in Survivor where part of the obligation is reliant on the other person giving you something in the future, as there’s no guarantee that they’ll give you whatever they promised.

level 1
11 points · 19 days ago

what a beautiful man

level 1
8 points · 19 days ago

In what I think is a comparatively weak cast Yau-Man really stands out. Obviously just a really sharp, likable, useful guy I really love that he always had his own spin on things in the challenges and this self proclaimed "old man" was consistently surprising his castmates with how useful and skilled he was in the challenges.

I loved the fact that he was always working possible angles with his fake idol, the car deal, immediately looking at Syvia's bag when she got back he's a really fun character and I think without him (and Dreamz who is the other star of the season) Fiji could have been one of the worst seasons ever. He's definitely one of my favorites and it's sad that he's not mentioned as much as he was. Him just shutting down Mookie and Alex after they attempted to blackmail him about the idol is one of my favorite little interactions they basically both end up looking like fools after that. He'll also always go down in history as the first person to correctly play the new standard version of the idol we have today.

One of the other things that made Yau-Man so endearing to me is how graciously he took his loss and the fact that he really had a very measured response to Dreamz fucking him over, I think he recognised that what he had done was manipulative in it's own right and he couldn't really judge Dreamz too much for what he had done even if it had to hurt.

At the reunion when polled the jury says Yau-Man would have beaten Earl and I'm wondering if that's the case, those polls are often unreliable and at the time people were crazy for Yau-Man so you have to wonder how much that influenced how the jury said they were gonna vote. In the airing of the show it certainly seemed to me like Earl was closer to most of the people who made the jury and seemed more involved in the decision making but it's always difficult to tell how much that translates into jury votes. It's almost like the opposite of the Fairplay case in Pearl Islands where because he was so vilified people didn't want to admit that they'd have voted for him over Lill. Regardless I think it's clear that he was a very creative player, it's impressive how completely safe he was for many pre-merge tribals despite the age gap and I think that's down to how useful he made himself in the challenges. He's a really unique player in the history of Survivor and just another iconic legend cut one tribal too short.

level 2
5 points · 19 days ago · edited 19 days ago

One of the other things that made Yau-Man so endearing to me is how graciously he took his loss and the fact that he really had a very measured response to Dreamz fucking him over, I think he recognised that what he had done was manipulative in it's own right and he couldn't really judge Dreamz too much for what he had done even if it had to hurt.

I think this take is more correct than you might guess. Apparently all of the contestants agreed that they should give up their car for Dre should he not win. Yau Man won, gave up his car to Dre, but only on the condition that Dre would give him F4 immunity should Dre win it.

So I also think Yau Man comes off looking a little sleazy or at least game-botty due to this move. I actually respect him for taking advantage of the situation.

But then, what should save Yau Man for everyone is that once the game is over he holds no bad feelings for being "screwed over" and tells Dre to enjoy the car at FTC.

(Side note: This also means I don't judge Dre for not giving up F4 immunity. However, he shouldn't have made a spectacle of the situation by claiming he'd do the right thing to set an example for his son... and then ultimately not follow through. That's inconsistent and bad gameplay. Dre even had a third option, to hold onto the necklace but vote Cassandra and allow Yau Man to make fire.)

level 1

I know I’ve posted this on two three threads but I’ll repeat it here as well, when Josh Hutcherson was a kid he had a poster of Yau man in his trailer. Fun fact for the day.

level 1
7 points · 19 days ago

The best player of Fiji and one of the only four good ones.

level 2

Obviously Earl and Yau, but who are the other 2?

level 3
6 points · 18 days ago

Yau, Earl, Michelle, and first-half Alex (his FTC conduct was sooo repulsive though), second-half Stacy.

level 3
3 points · 19 days ago

I think that Alex was solid and Stacy did kind of well too

level 3

Michelle, Erika, Alex, Stacey, I would argue Cassandra

level 1
6 points · 19 days ago

I think he's the best first time player over 50 ever.

Potentially losing Michelle was a big blow as it could have given him more end game options than going with an obvious 3 person ride or die alliance.

level 1

One of my all time favorite players!

level 1
4 points · 19 days ago

Yau Man is one of my favorite players ever. Easy top 5, and along with Earl I think he saves this season from being bottom barrel. Very strategic player that doesn't feel threatening. Forged an unlikely friendship with Earl to get to day 38. Won challenges despite his stature by using his brain. Great quips too ("You got a C in math? Why couldn't you have gotten a C in Spanish?"). Got the first incarnation of the modern immunity idol and used it well.

Fun guy, not sure if he really would've won FTC over Earl despite the informal vote at the reunion show. Regardless, in Fiji I think he has one of the better non-winning games in the game's history. Not Malcolm level, but it's up there.

Like me, Yau Man is a (scientific) skeptic. I found out last week that he even gave an interview on one of my favorite skeptic podcasts! I didn't start listening to said podcast until a year later, so I missed it.

level 1

One of the most likeable guys ever, shame he lost the car and the money.

level 1


level 1
-21 points · 19 days ago(0 children)
level 2
16 points · 19 days ago

Yau-Man 5??? What metric are you using?

level 3

Mouse brain

level 2
8 points · 19 days ago

Whoever is doing this is probably cracking up at the sheer amount of discouse these alleged lists are causing.

level 2

Least you recognise Cirie was the most robbed. But like 90% of the other ratings don’t make even a little sense without any sort of explanation.

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