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Looking for an old acquaintance

This might be a long shot, but Vegas is a small town and I've seen crazier shit happen on Reddit.

I'm looking for a guy named Mark, but commonly goes by Rashad. He used to, maybe still does, work at Gamestop. I first met him when he worked at the GS off of Sahara and Decatur and later reconnected when I found him at the location in the Boulevard mall.

Well during his employment at the Boulevard, I heard that he was in a terrible accident and almost passed away. Before he could return, the Boulevard location closed and I never saw him again.

I've tried searching most social media outlets for him to no avail and I'm now turning to reddit!

Rashad was one of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met and really want to know how he's doing.

Thanks /r/vegas!!

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Yes! I first met him in 06 when I worked down the street at CompUSA

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