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I'm curious for opinions. Mardu Pyromancer decks have begun to trend towards this as well in the hopes of putting down a faster clock, and with 8 pieces of one mana removal in our main board, protecting it from combat seems reasonable enough. Additionally it's already a card you want to see in the Storm, Burn, Hollow One, u/W control and Tron match ups to varying degrees. Eternal scourge is probably better than Rabblemaster in the u/W control match, and ideally you wouldnt want both, but that's the only match that I have experienced where Scourge really and truly shines so perhaps then Scourge could be relegated to sideboards.

It does add a creature to the list that is lest robust against a removal spell like path to exile, but path isn't as common in the top decks other than u/W control and potentially out of the sideboard for burn. (And maybe bant company?) But Skred decks have already trended towards Hazoret the fervent, which is an addition that already turns on path. It can be Fatal pushed, but much like Pia and Kiran it leaves something behind.

Curving up from Rabblemaster into Koth into Stormbreath feels strong.

Thanks in advance for your opinions!


I play with 4 Rabblemasters maindeck and I will not go back. However I play 4 Simian spirit guides instead of mind stones. SSGs are better for 3 drops while mind stone is better for 4 drops and they can cycle themselves. I think you might consider if in your deck you prefer to have ssgs paired with rabblemasters and blood moons. You could play ssgs in the sideboard too if you do not want them maindeck.

A turn 2 rabblemaster or blood moon is completely different than on turn 3, especially against tron and other matchups in which you need a very fast clock.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

What do you drop from your list for rabble? Scourge?

What about our Gobbly boy on two mana? Goblin Cratermaker could even see additional value with Rabblemaster in your list.

Hi SaintDoom! Any updates on your Abzan list, sideboard etc? And how are you feeling about it in the current meta? Thanks for all your hard work.

Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

Yes and yes!

I'm actually writing my next post now with my thoughts and decklist.

I'm waiting for a few things, but I'm hoping I can also post a video of me running a league with it too.

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A video would be great! I built the deck recently, and invested money in the Tarmogoyfs knowing that I could pivot to rock or Jund but hoping that I would be able to jam Abzan. I've been using your material in order to inform my card selection. I look forward to reading more of this.


Genuinely curious as to what people's opinions are considering they are similar cards in a competitive mana slot. What do you guys think is the better choice in the metagame?


So I plan on going to quakecon this year. Will I be able to spectate this event live? Am I going to need to purchase a pass to do so or will the free general admission suffice?

Hey so I’d love to participate in the next tournament after this one! Is it a pretty positive vibe from the player base? I really want to bring my game to the next level and was just wondering if the players that tend to compete are usually open to communication or discussion. Thanks for holding these!


Hi all! I’m ironing out my deck choices for the first qualifier tournament. I’ve solidly chosen three decks but need help choosing the fourth.

My current other three decks are a Midrange Battlemage, Tribunal Control and Dagoth Midrange.

As for the fourth deck, I’m currently between four: 2 monk decks, a redoran aggro and a midrange sorcerer. I need help choosing one of these four.

Any input would be appreciated! As far as dust goes, I currently have 1600 to play around with for new crafts, though I'll take any real advice here.

Lists are as follows: - Monk with Strike Combo - Strikeless Monk - Midrange Sorcerer - Redoran Aggro


I don't know how well you will do with it... also I don't play the other 3.

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Original Poster2 points · 8 months ago

Fair enough. I have some experience playing monk though admittedly not the swift strike variant. I feel like I’d have time to practice. Got any general tips on playing that deck?

Against aggro you have to survive until turn 7, where you win the game with double strike on his creatures. Against control hit face every time you can, and win lategame with double strike on prophecy cloudrest or cliff racer. Haafingar Marauder helps both the combo and the curve immensely. If you are expecting aggression, add Giant Bats instead of Leaflurkers. If you are expecting necrouprising scout, don't attend the game pick another deck you shouldn't, because you should have banned scout.

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Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

I’ve edited the deck to reflect the changes we discussed, Im thinking maybe the Brynjolf should become the third cliff racer.

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