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Aw yes I do suppose I should add this. Do you identify as a sit down pisser?

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I mean I feel its whatever mood you in tbh, at a service station or public toilet stand up number 1 cigar everytime. But when I at work probs a sit down we as we only have a unisex toliet and it's a prime opportunity to check reddit. You never sit down?

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Yeah I guess if I have time to check my phone I sit down. But normally I'll also have a big enough fart to warrant sitting down regardless-- ya know.. just to be safe.

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Oh yeah I get you on that nothing wrong with a massive fart and potential wipe whilst pissing.

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27m here yep mine are as much use as a chocolate teapot. They do fuck all for me

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How would a patchbay help me in a case like this? I've looked at them before but I don't think I understand how they work.

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You terminate the Jack's from the prophet and tempest to the back of the patch bay then you use patch cables to route audio phiscally from output to input (or vise versa) so any output can go to any input you just have to phiscally move it.

Cariloha bamboo underwear is like a cloud on your Gooch.

Pair of pliers will sort that right out.

I wouldnt fucking hate yourself for it, your addicted to nicotine (as am I) and when we have trying times in our lives it's easy to fall back on a comforting crutch like smoking. Tomorrow is another day and if you need to you can start the 'quit since' clock again then.

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