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Can confirm it's just hotter (in heat terms) down there

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Huh. Thank you.

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Like noticeably, imagine the difference between an apple pie just out of the oven and one that has been left for 20 or so mins on a window ledge.

Literally non of this makes any fucking sense

I mean kfc was started by a rich kentucky white man appropriating the style of fried chicken. So surely you should be more mad at the brand than people. Kfc interestingly is owned by the same parent company that owns Taco Bell and Pizza hut are these also cutural appropriation?


I would guess not. As is say so on the box?

Unless your mother is toxic af you NEED TO TELL HER. My fiance had a similar situation with a sibling and her parents. When they found out it went down like a sack of shit down a well (messy and wet). Seriously tell your mom, whatever hurt she will feel will be far less then if you keep up the lie and she finds out later.

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I thought about it, but wondered whether "organizing" or "planning" this would actually take the fun out of it. I'll find a way to subtly get some answers

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I would deffo have a talk about this and boundrys whatnot, these types of situations can sometimes go wrong with most well intentioned attempts. Never know it might get you both hot to trot talking about it before hand and letting some anticipation build isn't a bad thing.

Cocky little fuckers aren't they

This is gold, I'd be on the blower right away 'mohawk and eyepatch please' let's have ourselfs a post apocalyptic squirrel pencil case extravaganza!!!!!!!

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