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Be Your Own Best Customer and Get the Discounts That Come With the Membership. February only, the cost to become an Independent Scentsy Consultant is only $49.

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Scentsy has some great new warmers available in their new catalog for Spring/Summer 2018. View at Items are available March 1, 2018. February is also join for half price month. Contact me for details.

Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago You can earn an all espenses paid Beach trip when you join Scentsy, become a consultant, and earn points towards the trip. You have 6 months to gain the points needed, which are earned through sales and recruitment, plus incentives for mentoring. Contact me for information at the addresses listed above.


Blog topic on the finer points of Direct Marketing with Scentsy. I have been with this company as a Consultant for 6 months. I find that I enjoy getting the discounts on the products. I also have been able to sell enough to make some considerable paychecks to supplement my income. Please read and feel free to ask questions.

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How can I improve. My blog is about thing of the Scentsy nature, of which I am a consultant. Thanks.

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Hi there :) Have you considered a different theme? After a quick glance the site just appeared too colourful, which is not a bad thing, but i personally don't find harsh and vibrant colours appealing. It kind of has an outdated feel.

The content is good, it just appears a bit scattered around.

In your blog menu all the posts are the same size and show up in a nice and organised format. Maybe you could apply that structure on the main page too.

Hope this helps!

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Great info. I too think I was high on coffee when I did the layout. I will go back and try to redo the overdo and resend u the link. Thanks so much for the good feedback.

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