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Self destruct can be obtained in Halatali from the bombs there, so if people are having some real trouble with griefing, they can try and get some friends/fc mates together and learn from the bombs there.

Warframe, maybe some drawing as well.

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high fives fellow artist

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-high fives-

I'm only really just getting started with digital art, but a start's a start.

And then a step to the right

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Put your hands on your hips!

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Max Employment? Not surprising. They are the Konami of the job-provider-scamming-money-from-the-government industry - the one that enables the others to say, "At least we're not like THEM!"

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About as useful as tits on a bull. Was with them for a bit over two years, had like, five fucking case managers because they'd just up and quit. Got maybe like three or four interviews through them? Had completely useless "job search" or "job skills" activities that you had to go to.

Oh and the resumes they or one of their "expert resume writers" or some shit that they write for you or get you to make are worthless.

Providers turnover is in excess of 44%. If you think it’s shit going to them, try working for them for 10 years. It’s literally a job while your finding a job. Seen so many find themselves a job and get out before their clients. The system is laughable.

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Jesus Christ, I shouldn't be surprised yet I somehow am.

Is this the first we have heard of Titus?

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I believe he's mentioned in the 2.x MSQ, regarding the Garlean Civil War after Solus died, but this is the first time his name has been revealed.

happily reads patch notes.

An issue in Eureka: Pagos wherein progress for the notorious monster battle "Brothers" does not display correctly in the duty list.

scrolls up slightly to look at another thing before quickly going back to this and spits out water



puts gun to head as I imagine people failing to float/levitate for quake.

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I usually see at least one person per ST run failing that on Xande. Even more amusing if there's no new person bonus.

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Where's my charge blade?

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Where's my Dragonator?

"Ahhh, the unmistakable scent of heresy... And what do we have here? The honored guests of House Fortemps consorting with the queen of rats? Oooh. Plotting insurrection I shouldn't wonder! Tsk-tsk. That won't do. Sickness is wont to fester and spread. It must be burnt out ere the infection takes hold"

"I'll cut you to pieces!"

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