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I only have 1 affiliate but they haven’t mined in a while

How did you get the other ETN?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Mined with my rig but since the switch to ASICS I stopped mining it since I got GPUs

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I’m so confused about the release on liquid exchange. I thought it was already in there as I bought some using a ETN/BTC pairing more than a week back. Is the news that’s they’ll have a ETN/USD pairing?? Please clarify!!


I was wondering if there was any updates for the iOS app. Haven’t heard a thing in a while.

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Observation of the week: OEX exchange keeps setting the price 5-10% lower than the rest of the exchanges and its lowering the overall average price for ETN. What does the ETN community think about that?

See link below:

Electroneum Markets

Very excited for the iOS app to fully release with cloud mining.

Referral code: C54644


Hey there,

New to the whole reddit scene, however I’ve noticed there is a huge community and thought I can check some stuff out.

I used the windows and mac client on 3 separate devices with each giving a different balance from mining.

RIG 1- 0.5762888 RIG 2- 0.5302748 RIG 3- 0.4378828

And I’ve cashed out on all of them since the payout is at 0.01 however I only received one of the rig’s profits and I saw weird deposits on the wallet that had this in it.

Amount: +0E-8

And I’ve seen it happen multiple times. What does this mean? Will I get the coins that my other computers mined? Is it worth it to even mine it anymore? Or are there updates to the client coming soon?

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