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Mine retired 1 month ago, poor thing kept spitting the disc out, I couldn't put it down so now it lives it's well earned rest on my shelf

Be nice to retail and hospitality workers, their day is worse than yours and they can still manage a smile

Lord of the rings and Jurassic park, Aragorn is at the black gate with his army but it's the entrance gate to Jurassic park

I usually find that when customers get defensive there's a reason. She may have looked younger than she was or didn't have any ID or even something more serious. I have to ask to check bags before people leave and the ones that are defensive are usually the ones who are stealing.

Last night I had a customer come through our registers (Last customer) and she stopped mid sale, pulled out a take out container and began eating, we had our doors down just waiting for her to leave and all the team members waiting at the door to leave.

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