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So with all the rumors about CoinBase adding ripple for the last 3 months I was drawing up some conclusions! IMO there is four possible scenarios.

1 with 1% possible : Garlinghouse & CB president appear on Fast Money and kiss each other butts for a little bit and then announce the CB & XRP partnership happening now!

2 with about 70% chance. They talk about banks, discuss Crytomarket and possible regulations & warn people of Scam ICOs. They don’t denied nor confirm any CB & XRP partnerships at the moment!

3 with 5% they talk about the market and they announce that CB & Ripple are possibly going to have a partnership in the future, but want to do it correctly to prevent any insider trader!

4 With 24% chance comes this. Well this is not really a Scenario it’s more of my personal thoughts on the situation! Why would Brad Garlinghouse being so smart as some people think he is would appear in a show where any high ranking CB officials appears! He must know that any appearance like this that is not to announce a partnership could possible TANK his asset ( Ripple XRP) I’ll say .40 cents. He is smart enough I would think to know how fragile the Crytomarket is. Investors in this market will leave you so fast that XRP could be 40 cents overnight! So unless Garlinghouse does not care about his Asset XRP he needs to stay away from joint appearance with CB officials!

What do you guys think about this? What price can XRP achieve if it’s added to CB or how low will it tank Wednesday if not!

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Unfortunately the Cryto Market is a very fragile one! Garlinghouse should know this and his staff should tell him how a joint appearance can affect his greatest asset! XRP can hit .40 cents if they don’t say what people want to hear! It’s sad but it’s the truth! Disclaimer: I am a XRP holder and would love it to hit CB.

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Why would the community want to raise awareness for a product that is just ok right now. It's not that user friendly, it's got major issues. Now then you want tons of money spent to market that? Why? So people can get the idea that sia is garbage and hard af to use? Nah no thanks. Let's get a sweet streamlined ui then push it. Version 3.0. Soon, file transfers of 100kb from p2p. And all that jazz. Also to your comment about speculation of crypto is correct. Most in sia community feels tho that there is an actual product here unlike other speculation coins and sia is used only to buy storage space. The trading of the coin between peeps isn't the point of sia. It's for the purchase of decentrialized storage space, period. Not a currency. So therefore a lot of sia believers feel that there is less currency speculation but rather just the cloud storage market value. If any of the big players eventually moves to use sia as a back up or just a secondary supplement, then we see these major companies wanting to get large quantities of coin so they can rent space. In turn making coins value go up. Just wait! Google the amount of data one hospital has to store. They will eventually switch to something like this, maybe not sia, but something similar.

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I don't mind if they don't raise awareness for now! I am trying to get to 1 million Sia at the lowest price possible. I don't want to buy @ 10 cents or even 6 cents. I want to keep buying @ 2-3 cents. I have a feeling this project will take off. Its going to start taking off in the summer! I need 500K more sias to go! so please keep it down for another month!

I see my mining per day has gone up to almost 10k Digibytes. Guess some people stop mining since the crash. I say keep mining and accumulate wealth i guess!

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What is your setup?

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There's LOT PentaHashes already mining LCC.. Where they came from? What were they mining before? If they were mining BTC or Digibyte their difficulty should come down i would think. I hope this LLC coin is legit so it gives all minerswith expensive bitmain antminers more work. I see it like a good thing they did. A lot of S7 were going to the scrap yard and now they have new life! When will BTC difficulty start to come down if people swap to LCC? I know i did and i have a small farm!

I am an new Tron investor and i am in for over 150K trons. I have hope for it to go back up. I promise i won't sell when it goes up..I am holding till 2019 atleast.

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