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Seems to be mostly natural vignetting, that is probably what you're looking for. You can recreate the effect with technique or photoshop/lightroom.

Canon FD 50mm 3.5 macro, is a great cheap lens to get you started.

Shame they do not have a T6i. I like mine and started on it. I would probably get the D3400, but there is also Ebay if you are so inclined, you can get a better camera there for about the same money with maybe more lenses. I bought mine on ebay and got both 18-55mm and 75-300mm lenses plus a mic and extra batteries. It won't hurt to buy a quality camera secondhand. That way the depreciation is gone and as it is your first you may or may not like the hobby. The main goal should be a good body, but more lenses. You'll quickly find you wish you had more lenses.

What's the budget? I would recommend tuning above a completely new deck. [[toxic deluge]] [[Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite]] and etc all work great against tokens. To better help you need to consider how you lose and why you cannot win. Without a deck list it is hard to say why that is. Finally, one card will not win the games, you need to think about a spread of cards to increase consistency.

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Several Problems with her deck, but not a bad start for a newbie!

  1. Bigger is not always better with Vampires. You get one or two tokens right now depending on if you have [[anointed procession]] on the field. You want value out of Edgar's ability so cheap vampires that bring value are good. Think [[bloodghast]].

  2. Big mana spells and tap lands make this tribal deck very slow. Once more reduce the cost. I would cut [[Bloodlord of Vaasgoth]] for example.

  3. This is a tribal deck and it should do tribe things. Speed the deck up and cut things which take away from tribal synergy. [[Ghostly Prison]] doesn't fit this deck. [[Karmic Justice]] as well is not a good fit for a creature based deck. What are they blowing up a mana rock or one equipment?

  4. Add tribal win-cons things like [[Coat of Arms]] and [[Shared Animosity]] are good starts.

  5. Meta Note: Her removal doesn't hit artifacts. She has red. If you want to make her deck nasty to the Dragons deck she could target your ramp. You're dragon deck has 12 artifacts, so [[Shattering Spree]], [[Wear // Tear]], and etc are all good cards against artifact ramp.

  6. Add draw like Necropotence or Phyrexian Arena

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My name is Sierra Post and I’m from North Carolina in the US! I’m about as beginner as you can get with photography, I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of nature but until recently I never really thought much into that passion. I’m hoping to learn how to take better photos from this class and also how to take pictures that will engage others and make them feel connected to the earth.

I will be using a Canon Powershot SX530 for this class however the pictures I am uploading for this assignment were all taken on my iPhone 8 Plus.

Imgur was not letting me upload a single thing I think their site may be down or something so I put this assignment on a google drive! Assignment 1

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I like how you use the trees as framing for your shots, they really give an open feel. I'm excited to see what you can do!

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Hello Everyone! I'm Sean and a college at SFASU (Go Lumberjacks!) I am a Spatial Science Major and Minor in Business Technology. This summer I made the purchase of my first DLSR camera for my birthday which was a Nikon D3400. An amateur when it comes to taking photos but always willing to take a challenge and try something new. I bought Lightroom and Photoshop CC to help get better at editing photos as well.

Photo 1

I was in Pagosa Springs Colorado, and I've always wanted to try Astrophotography, and when this developed after it was done, I was in awe.

Photo 2

Was during our Homecoming BonFire and just couldn't get the focus just right on the hand with the fire in the background.

Photos 3-5

These photos were taken in the Arboretum on campus and show my love of the outdoors and want to continue this passion for more outdoorsy shots and other things.

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Your photos are all great. I agree the focus was out on the second, you probably needed a low light lens say a 50mm with f1.2-1.8? Another thing might have been to try to place the shot without a direct light source right behind the hand. I'm new to photography so that's all I could really think of, but I think it still turned out really pronounced.

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