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Hey all,

Will be heading to south lake tahoe end of February with a friend. will spend all day enjoying heavenly skiing but curious what the best nightlife options are for monday/tuesday/wednesday nights? looks like the clubs in stateline aren't open mid-week. do plan on checking out the cigar bar atop harrahs, but any recommendations for other bars that have a decent scene those nights of the week? fwiw, we are both upper 20s. appreciate the help.

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Casinos are your best bet. I prefer hard rock. If it's next week, there will be more people in town than usual mid week because it's 'ski week' for the bay area. Don't expect anywhere to be packed tho.

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Thanks. The week after next.

I assume you just mean random bars located within the casinos? The major clubs in the casino only open on the weekend, unfort

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