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lpl and vietnam

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Blue may have won the game but Red won our hearts.

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Uzi pick twicht agains vayne with a girl. i think it not fair

Nobody is surprised lmao

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no one supprise here cuz pvb can beat any team and lose to any team. the reason why g2 not aatrox top because top lane in g2 will be soloq by zeros (event kiin cant play again zeros) so they take ryze to top more safety

PVB bigkoro in mid lane and PVB palete in ADc ?? What the hell

First: C9 fucking weak when fight again KT and RNG second: TL maybe havent chance with KT, EDG is known by fucking well at world so TL wont have chance to get out group Third: 100T is the weakest team in group D, XD u think 100T can make the magic?? lets pray for god Last: Maybe only TL can go out but... quarter and semi final only for strong teams so... accept the truth Na forever is Na Spoil: Na and Eu will be cleared out before semifinal

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