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I dont think it'll be bloodborne tho. Call it a different name and im down

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ahh k. The play store link and descriptions just seems sketchy.

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As someone who doesn't like that they used stolen code but wants kh2 on the go, i just have to use it. Kh2fm runs almost perfectly. Its kinda crazy. Odin sphere is perfect. Kh re chain of memories is playable too. Kh1 is kinda playable i guess but has a bunch of visual glitches so isn't playable imo

Which phone do you have?

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Note 9

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Sorry if this is a dumb question but I heard that there are different versions that work better. Or it may come down to settings. Just want to be sure.

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Careful, this sub hates damonps2. Like , a LOT. it uses stolen code from pcsx2 but the devs for the pc emulator said they don't have any plans to make an Android emulator at all so for me , i still play on it. Although, damonps2 still should have given credit where credit is due and given part of the revenue from the 10$ app. I play kh2fm on it.

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yea it works on android, you have to download key mappers to use it with the controller however.

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Key mapper apps?

When they first came out I got two for 1 deal at $1000

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Yay weeee. Nice job being awesome by the way

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It was such a crazy good deal

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I feel like kh3 wasn't as bad as some "fans" say, maybe they are exaggerating a little bit?

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They had too high of expectations. Its a great game. Nowhere near bad.


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