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Your parents come from a past of racism being a normal thing. You’re obviously in our modern era and know better to not have that mindset. You have seen and understood that racism is a fucken crappy thing and we constantly allow jokes to fill the terrible void of what racism has done and still is. This just falls on you to show your parents your morals, values, and perspective are different from theirs.

So, with that being said. If you enjoy this girl and you know it’s what you want right now you need to learn to stand your ground and ignore/defend the racist comments that are attacking your happiness.

Hope this helped! 💖


I broke up with my bf (22M) because he had relapsed on coke.

We have been dating for 7 1/2 months.

He was sober for 3 months. I found out because I asked him if I could go over to sleep with him and when I got to his house I went straight to the restroom and seen a tray laid out, A card, and dust of coke on the tray. I was so upset with him because we agreed for him to stop doing coke. When he agreed to stop doing coke, I was super happy. I felt like he really wanted something with me just as much as I wanted him. When we discussed why he relapsed he said “I wanted to try it again and have the feeling. It makes me happy” and I just broke down. That night we had talked about it and I had told him I’ll do my best to help him and all, but I spent the next day at work thinking about it and then when I got home from work I just broke down. I didn’t know how I should feel. Then I peeped his likes on twitter and he was liking this specific females photos and tweets. He had attempted to talk to her previously. Then I just see him liking these other females tweets that were just making it seem like he preferred to be single and fulfill his desires. I just felt like he’s choosing something fun over our relationship which, in my head, makes me feel like a nagging burden. He didn’t call or text me that morning and it just felt like I’m here helping him, but he doesn’t want to help me...when I was breaking up with him he was shocked and we were both crying so bad but my gut was telling me that I’m just in his way to do other things that are more amusing to him...I just don’t want TO NOT be heard, seen, or ignored. This pain hurts so bad and I just felt like I got picked over a fucken drug. He said it makes him feel good and it just made me think like “Well, then wtf am I? Am I not your drive. Am I not your happiness? Can other hobbies not even be your enjoyment?” It hurts so bad but then I feel like I should have helped him, but I’m so scared I’m just never going to be a first choice and that his addiction will be the same as my dad’s addiction to alcohol which was part of the reason my parents divorced 2 yrs ago. I just wish this turned out how I wanted it to, but that’s why I know I fucked up. I fucked up on such high expectations for him and here I am. I’m alone. Wondering what I really could have done to be there for him to fucken pick me... I just wanted to be his everything because he was becoming my everything. I never felt so scared to just do something with someone. I want him with me and now I just don’t even know if that’s the right decision. Someone help me with real life advise and analyze my situation because I keep going through this in my head and I find no fucken answer...


I get what he was trying to do but, he is acting like a kid tbh. For him to not pay attention to what benefits you. as well, means he is fully thinking of himself. Like, he could have said it way differently because in a relationship we all have a certain thing we like our partners to try in bed because. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain and deeply crucial because you never want to come off harsh or unappreciative towards your partners effort. He just did it so terribly. I’m sorry hun :/


I have been having more anxiety attacks than usual. What’s worse was I fucken cried in front of my partner and idk why I was feeling claustrophobic, but I recently had to just lie to him that I’ve been busy with school work because I don’t want him to see me like this...I’m scared of anyone to see me like this. I feel so alone and it’s becoming so terrifying for me...I feel so flustered with everything around me and I’ve been acting so bothered by anyone and overthink so much when I even try to tell myself to just let it go...what can I do to stop this. I hate randomly crying when I know it’s nothing even serious or, I legit cry over fictional situations that COULD happen and it’s starting to just disturb me. What did you guys do in order to get away from all these emotions...

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