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Me and my girlfriend has had a couple of FFM threesomes and really enjoy them.

To make the story short, we have a neighbour that is our age and is a really pretty, single girl. We get along well, but haven't really become "close" by any means.

We both find her attractive, and really want to ask her or figure out if she would be interessted in joining us for a threesome.

I know the most safe in this situation as we're neighbours is to let it go and find someone else, and we have no problem with that. But we'd like to know if there is a way to gauge where she is on the matter and if it's actually possible to get to the point of asking without it ending up in an awkward situation for us all?

Does anyone have any experience with this? :)

Best regards


There's no way to guarantee no awkward situations (that goes quadruple if she actually responds positively!), you can only mitigate awkwardness. Your girlfriend should make the approach, and she can do so gradually or more subtly by asking this young woman if she is into other women. She could do so more directly by asking her out on a date with the two of you. Something like, "Hey ____, u/thrway2212 and I think you are adorable and so much fun! Would you have any interest in going out with us sometime?"

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We have no issues if she would have said no, what we're afraid of is her reaction and that's a hard one to gauge to be honest!

Wouldn't asking her to go out with us imply some sort of romantic connection? I'm not sure if that actually would make it harder or not by going that way

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